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81 - Moving On, Now...

[Blogger's note: I wrote this over a month ago, but I've been sitting on it, thinking about the right time to release it. So this blog actually has nothing to do with the whole Lou Reed thing, though the news that they're doing an album together does give me a unique opportunity to be timely. Plus, I just read two stories on MetalSucks that help illustrate the point I'm about to make. So enjoy:]

Metallica is one of those bands that evoke a polarizing response. There's a dwindling camp of die-hards that still love them and everything they do, and then there's the camp who would continue to burn an effigy even if Lars Ulrich saved their only child from certain death.

Both are equally diluted in their perspectives. If you're following a band simply because they're your childhood/teenage heroes and they can do no wrong, then you're doing it wrong. Any song, album, band, body of work, person, entity or enterprise should be judged on its own merit; not o…