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31 - Hip Hop Lives! (But Auto-Tune GYYYATS Ta Die) (5/20/09)

Hello, and welcome to another music blog. Today, we're gearing up for the Summer, reviewing the CDs of note that I've purchased lately. (And yes, I mean CD's. MP3's gots no lows.) As always, I've come up with a ratings system 2 tell U how it taste like:

0 Stars: Rotten taint stain
1 Star: McDonald's food
2 Stars: Fresh roadkill
3 Stars: Cheerios
4 Stars: Steak
5 Stars: Indescribable


Asher Roth "Asleep In The Bread Aisle" ****
I stumbled across this because System Of A Down said they posted a "new video". (Which turned out to be "Toxicity". :( ) This guy named Asher Roth was in the "suggested videos" queue, and it's like: "I've heard this guy's name before, so what the hell? I'll check it out." The video was "Lark On My Go-Kart" and the rest is history. Even though the delivery is laid back, the song is a swift kick in the door, knocking down the pretentious BULLSHIT…

30 - We're Gonna Party Like It's 1999 (4/30/09)

(So...Like we can't legally drink, we live with our parents and we have curfew?)
This week, we're gonna take a look back ten years ago to the albums that rocked my junior and senior years of High School respectively. This countdown is based on what I think of the albums now, so any insight to what I listened to back then can only be gleaned from the entries themselves. (Hint: Metal. Pretty much.) All right, let's reminisce already.

85. The Chemical Brothers "Surrender"
84. Habib Koite & Bamada "Ma Ya"

83. Add N To (X) "Avant Hard"
I recommend "Revenge Of The Black Regent". Can't really remember what the rest of the album sounded like, because when I got it back in '99 (because of the title; metal, remember) I wasn't prepared to listen to lo-fi tech.

82. Coal Chamber "Chamber Music"
This is when we figured out Coal Chamber sucked.

81. Alice In Chains "Music Bank"
Under normal circumstances, I would…

29 - It's Been Awhile Since I...Listened To Staind And Made Fun Of Them (3/27/09)

Hi there. Nick Muthafuckin' Nutter here to welcome you back to my blog review series. I've been away for awhile, recharging my batteries, going to school, and just generally sharpening my rapier whit. Let’s get CRACKIN’!

As always, the scoring system is 0 to 5 stars, 0 being denoted by a lack of stars to the right of the title. Here’s this week’s scoring system:

0 Stars - ass stains
1 Star - post-nasal drip (because 'infected boogers' sounds too cool)
2 Stars - pee (it's a sterile solution)
3 Stars - Good breakfast cereal
4 Stars - An orgasm
5 Stars - Crack

(Juvenile, yes, but hey. I still laugh every time the words 'poopie hole' pop into my head.)

Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana “Hannah Montana: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
This is the first time I’ve knowingly heard a Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus song (um...), and they’re pretty much what I’d expected them to sound like. Like a Bratz commercial. Just wish she would beef with somebody …


(I am a hypocrite for making the word Blogstravaganza, but I trademark it just the same.)
Hello, and welcome to Nick Nutter's Top Albums Of The Year List. It wasn't exactly a banner year for music, and this list is inflated with several one-song wonders, but here it is. To qualify for this list, I had to have at some point during 2008 had a copy of at least one song from any entry. Meaning I could have downloaded it, thought it sucked and trashed it in 5 minutes, and it still might make the bottom of this list. If there's some album out there that I found interesting, but never obtained any songs from, it won't be on here. Just thought I'd clarify.

All right, here we go! Depth-charges away! Let's go straight to the bottom, and slowly rise to the top!

47. The Black Ghosts "The Black Ghosts Mixtape"
Crap-ola, son. Crap-ola.

46. Disturbed "Indestructible"
Pretty much heard a bad res copy of the first single and said "Not worth my time&quo…

27 - Top Songs Of 2008 (12/29/08)

In light of the single-song nature of music not only in culture but the way I listen to it, I decided to do a top 20 songs chart this year. This list is based on my opinion. Feel free to comment on songs you feel I missed, or even post your own nominees. Right on. It's all about conversation. These are my suggestions; what are yours?

TOP 20 SONGS OF 2008
1. "Fast-Paced World" The Duhks 2. "All Nightmare Long" Metallica
3. "Mighty Storm" The Duhks
4. "Don't Touch Me (Throw The Water On 'Em)" Busta Rhymes
5. "Boys" Ashlee Simpson
6. "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" Sia
7. "Mirror" Supreme Beings Of Leisure
8. "Motivation" Sheryl Crow
9. "We Made It" Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park
10. "No Time For Tears" Ashlee Simpson
11. "2008 Overture" The GV Crew
12. "Combustion" Meshuggah
13. "Bleed" Meshuggah
14. "Wild International" One Day As A Li…

26 - Do The Shuffle (11/23/2008)

This was a thing on Facebook that I found amusing, so I guess we'll count it as a blog.

The idea was to put your iPod or iTunes on shuffle and whatever song came up you filled in for the answer.  Simple enough.  So here we go:


Opening Credits:
"Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks" by Pantera

Your mom finds out she's pregnant with you:
"Live To Tell The Tale" by Nightwish

Slideshow of her pregnancy:
"Detached" by Spineshank

While she's delivering you:
"Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie (this is not boding well for Nick...)

Your first birthday:
"Missin: Impossible" by Dream Theater ('85 version) (These just keep getting better...)

You growing up:
"Wanted Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi

Your first day of school:
"Tyranny Of The Hunt" by Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains

Meeting your first friend:
"Little Brown Ring" by Andy Dick

Your first day of midd…

25 - Inesechay Emocracyday (11/29/08)

Hello, and welcome to another installment of "30 Seconds With Nick Nutter". I am your host Ted Koppel. Tonight, we will be reviewing the new releases of iTunes, using a 0 to 5 Star ratings system that goes a lil' somthin' like this:

0 Stars (denoted by a lack of stars): Absolutely f*ckn' tuuurible
1 Star: Sucks D*nk*y Dick!
2 Stars: Meh
3 Stars: Decent
4 Stars: You should probably buy this
5 Stars: Unbelievable!

There's plenty of big name releases this week, so LET'S GET STARTED!!!!:

Ace Of Base "Classic Remixes" (Bonus Track Version) *
The album we've all been waiting for! (Especially *ndy Z*pk*!) Let's cut to the quick. It's a compilation of their B-Side remixes from when the songs originally came out, plus two new mixes. The original songs were better, and they were dreck.

Alaska In Winter "" *
At least their name matches their sound, because both of them SUCK.

Alvin And The Chipmunks "Undeniable"
With a title…

24 - Tweezy Thweezy Weezy (2001) (10/28/08)

This is a countdown blog for the year 2001.  The common thread here is: Disappointing Follow Ups.  Here we go:

63. Staind "Break The Cycle"
This would be Disappointing Follow-Up #1 on our countdown. And that was really a huge theme in 2001. A LOT of disappointing follow-ups. Staind was the first, really, since "It's Been Awhile" dropped in January of that year. Staind had been more like an intelligible version of the Deftones; MUCH heavier then what they became after this. Their first major-label album, "Dysfunction" is pretty harsh. Harsh in a good, metal way. (Although I gotta admit, "Home" and the bonus track were warning signs in the 20/20 that is hindsight. But at the time, they were nice changes of pace from the otherwise tense, aggressive track listing. And only now, seven years removed can I listen to them without getting sick.) Anyway, "Break The Cycle" may be the first (and probably only) Staind album most people bought, i…